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Doing A Successful Pitch For A Loan

Loans are sums of money that you will be asking a bank for.  When you walk into a bank and ask them for a certain amount of money, the lender sitting behind the desk at Columbia Bank Linden or another bank will want to know some specific details.  If you don’t have these answers then the odds of getting the loan may be limited.

What do you want to use the money for?

It is important that you know what it is you are going to use the money for and why.  When looking at your idea the lender needs to know that you have a solid plan that will work or have a good chance of working.  If they deem you to be a high risk investment, then they will probably not give you the loan.

How much do you need?

It is also important to know how much money you will need in your loan.  If you go into the bank and ask for too much money then they may not want to loan it to you.  If you go in looking for too little money they may look at it as not being enough and you may need to come back and look for more.

When determining what you need for your loan you need to really know your numbers.  If you don’t have enough to work with or have enough in reserve to deal with issues that arise, then you could be hurting for funds.  If you ask for too much, you could be killing yourself in interest charges and spending money unwisely.

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Manage your money

Finally, when you do get the loan make sure to manage your money wisely.  Don’t think of it as a windfall of cash that you can do whatever it is you want with.  When you are trusted with a loan you will be trusted to pay it back with interest.  If you fail to do this it will only hurt you later on when trying to get another loan or work with others dealing with money again.