Care For Your Teeth Before They Fall Out Your Head

This is a famous saying that most of our parents told us as kids.  When we went trick or treating or started to eat a lot of junk, they would say, “Brush your teeth or they will fall out of your head.”  For most of us we didn’t heed the warning and now that we are getting older and our bodies are starting to show their age, our teeth are starting to rot and decay.  Only good news on this is that now we have dental implants lynwood that offer a good option for replacement teeth.

Brush after every meal

One of the best practices is to brush your teeth after every meal.  When we brush, we are removing plaque and tarter from our teeth.  When we use mouthwash after brushing, we are helping to break up the loose pieces and spit them away.

It is important that we setup a strict schedule as to when we brush and take care of our teeth.  When we setup a schedule and work on a routine then doing tasks such as brushing your teeth will become second nature and as a result, we won’t even think of it as a chore.

Watch what you eat

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It is important to watch what you eat.  When we consume foods particles from the food will come in contact with our teeth and remain there.  When this happens, the particles will begin to act against the enamel that protects our teeth from harm.  Over time these particles will ware away our teeth causing them to rot and fall out.

Don’t eat or drink sugar

One of the mast dangerous foods to consume contain sugar.  Sugar will attack your teeth as well as cause you to gain weight.  When we do consume sugar, we want to do it on limited basis.  Sugar should be considered a treat not a requirement.