Month: October 2020

Electrician vs. Handyman: Who to Call?

Having some issues around your home? Depending on the problem, you will have plenty of choices to select from when it comes to professionals who can give you a hand fixing whatever the issue around your home might be. Of course, what the issue is depends on who you should get in touch with when you notice problems.

Have you noticed any electrical problems around your house recently? If so, you probably know you should get in touch with a pro since it is not safe to touch it on your own. If you’re looking to save some money on the job, you might be trying to decide whether you should have a handyman or an electrician look at the issue. After all, they both handle these kinds of issues, right?


A handyman is a great person to call when you have problems around the house such as a broken stair or a kitchen appliance that has gone out and is in need of repair. You would not, however, want to try to have a handyman give you a hand with electrical issues. For this, you should only be getting in touch with professional electricians.

This is because a handyman, while being very talented at handling all kinds of jobs around the house, is highly unlikely to have the same kind of experience and training when it comes to electrical systems as a professional electrician would. When it comes to working with electrical wiring, it is better to do it right the first time and have the right person for the job on the case.

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If you have small problems around the house, you should definitely feel free to call a handyman. If you think you might have some electrical work needing done, however, you should get in touch with your favorite electrical contractors queensbury professionals so you can have the job safely taken care of by a trained expert.